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The birth of Icon replica Watches, which proves itself to be a timeless classic, and the evolution process. The iconic replica watches of  replica Vacheron Constantin, now a legend, is highlighted.


Replica Vacheron Constantin’s “Patriotism” shows the essence of the classics with the fine details in the round case. Being loved for a long time with its unique elegance and delicacy, it has become the brand’s signature collection. First of all, there is one replica watches that needs to be looked at in order to fully understand the Patrimony collection. At the time, fake Vacheron Constantin proved its technological prowess with an ultra-thin model equipped with the legendary caliber 1003 (1.64mm thin!) To commemorate its 200th anniversary. The fake watches has taken the title of “The Thinnest Watch in the World,” leaving a distinct footstep in history. In a simple design in a round case, the replica watches features a basin-shaped case, a dome-shaped dial, a hemisphere embossed mini track, a slim index and a barton-style needle, with an overall understated and pure silhouette. A predecessor of the current Patrimony collection, the model looks very similar to the current Patrimony, except for the slightly shorter lugs orologi replica.
In 2004, the Patrimony collection inspired by this model was born. The elegant and slim case with simple lines and smooth curves emphasizes its unique charm. Its sleek bassine case, convex domed dial and sapphire glass, a slim index and hemisphere embossed pearl mini track, and a baton-style needle have detailed details that adhere to the original but elongated rug. Stressed. In addition to the matte white tone dial, it adds classicism, and the slim bezel also emphasizes purity. The caliber can be seen through the transparent crystal backcase, and Geneva Hallmark certification proves its superior technology and high accuracy.
Since then, the ‘self-winding’ model, ‘perpetual calendar ultra-thin’, ‘minute repeater ultra-thin’, ‘moon phase and retrograde date’ and ‘small model’, and this year’s ‘Retrograde Day-Date Blue Dial’ And the ‘Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin Blue Dial’ are constantly evolving and proudly established as the iconic classic fake watches.

The Patrimony retrograde day-date blue dial introduced in 2019.

The Patrimony Perpetual Calendar ultra-thin blue dial in 2019.

New Patrimony in 2019

In 2019, the Patrimony Collection is colored in charming blue. The eye-catching ‘Patimon Retrograde Day-Date’ with its retrograde display above and below the dial captures the allure of its case in a 42.5mm diameter and 9.7mm thick case. In the 12 o’clock position, the date is represented by numbers from 1 to 31, and in the 6 o’clock position, the day of the week is displayed in a retrograde manner. All the features of the crown can be adjusted to ensure that the case’s compact silhouette is not compromised. The self-winding caliber 2460 R31R7 / 2 can be found in the transparent backcase.
The Patriot Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin, which matches the midnight blue dial, is also eye-catching. The elegant and minimalistic silhouette is combined with refined colors to show the essence of elegance. The Caliber 1120 QP, developed and manufactured by replica Vacheron Constantin Manufacture, has a perpetual calendar function, including hours and minutes, moon phase at 6 o’clock, day at 9 o’clock, date at 3 o’clock, and leap year at 12 o’clock. It is a perpetual calendar at the top of the calendar clock, so it accurately displays irregularly changing date changes without requiring any single adjustments until March 1, 2100. Accurate calculations for the 31 and 30 days that vary from month to month, 28 days in February, and 29 days every four years. The moon phase at 6 o’clock shows the beautiful night sky, completed by the Chambray enameling technique baked at a high temperature of 1000 ° C. The transparent sapphire crystal backcase lets you view the caliber as thin as 4.05mm in complications, but the fascinating appearance of the rotor dancing is impressive. All matched with dark blue crocodile leather straps for added sophistication.


Since its founding in 1755, replica Vacheron Constantin watches has inherited the travel spirit of one of Maison’s co-founders, François Constantin. fake Vacheron Constantin watches, who has been bold in the early days of its founding, has already reached four continents in the 18th century and has traveled around the world, leaving significant milestones. The document titled ‘Rencontre’, actually stored in the Maison archive, details the findings of the discovery of a new region. The keyword ‘travel’ is closely related to the philosophy and heritage of replica Vacheron Constantin watches.
In fact, fake Vacheron Constantin watches has been focusing on replica watches since the late 19th century, focusing on antimagnetic and waterproof features. This paved the way for the collection of sports replica watches. Maison launched the 222 model in 1977, celebrating its 222nd anniversary. Featuring a monoblock case with a bracelet and a unique bezel, the 222 has a luminous index and hand for added convenience and readability.
Derived from the 222 model, the first generation of overseas was introduced to the world in 1996. Even though it is a sports replica watch, it has attracted attention as a fake watch that has not lost its elegance. In 2004, Overseas introduced an anti-magnetic screen that protects the entire movement, evolving once again to create the second generation. This time, they matched a modern and unique bracelet with a unique polished beveled wide link, reminiscent of a Maltese cross. The new bracelet, featuring the Maltese cross imprinted on the crown and the intense design code of Overseas, harmonizes with the case and clearly demonstrates the identity of the Overseas collection. The case is available in stainless steel, pink gold, titanium, and other materials, and is matched with bracelets, leather, and rubber straps for added practicality.
In 2016, the third generation of Overseas appeared. The appearance hasn’t changed much, but the movement has been extensively renewed and changed the heart of the replica watches. Overseas World Time is equipped with the groundbreaking caliber 2460 WT / 1, which displays 37 time zones at once and accurately displays the local time between 30 and 15 minutes apart.
An easy-fit system is indispensable in the new Overseas. One model includes bracelets, leather and rubber straps, and you can easily replace these three with one touch without having to go to the boutique (one dial for three styles).
In addition, a long power reserve is provided for the user’s convenience, and the wrought iron ring around the movement ensures that the caliber is highly durable and precise. The Perpetual Calendar and Tourbillon models are water resistant to 50 meters and the other models up to 150 meters. Geneva Hallmark certified to ensure the accuracy and quality of the fake watches.

Overseas Perpetual Calendar ultra-thin gold bracelet this year.

The Tourbillon model debuted at Overseas this year.

New Overseas in 2019

The Tourbillon model was added to the Overseas Collection for the first time. It has a 42.5mm diameter stainless steel case and a blue dial. The ultra-thin caliber 2160 with a peripheral rotor is 10.39mm thin even though it is a tourbillon. Introduced in 2018, the ultra-thin caliber 2160 emphasizes elegance with the Maltese cross-shaped openwork carriage, a symbol of replica Vacheron Constantin watches. The 12-hour manual beveled bar on the Tourbillon carriage is also eye-catching. The center hour and minute hands, as well as the Tourbillon and small seconds at 6 o’clock, have a superluminovanized needle and hour markers bring the blue lacquer dial to life.
Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin introduced a new gold bracelet with pink gold and silver-tone dials. The Caliber 1120 QP / 1 features a perpetual calendar that doesn’t require adjustment until 2100, and the month, date, day of the week, moon phase, leap year, and more can be viewed at a glance on the dial. Overseas charms and features also include easily interchangeable bracelets and straps, so you can enjoy a trillion trillion hours with one replica watches!

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