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Replica Rolex‘s most colorful sports model is the GMT-MASTER, which is the Greenwich type-its development history is not shorter than SUB (Ref. 6204 in 1953), GMT Master was released based on Ref. 6202 in 1954, the two can be said History is indiscriminate.Replica watches  Compared to the appearance of a water ghost for a century, the biggest feature of Greenwich is that it is lively, changeable, and slender and lusty.

The original intention of Greenwich’s design is to meet the needs of pilots. The outer ring is designed in two colors: half of it is red for day time, and the other half is blue for night time. The GMT needle uses bright red (more green and blue in the later period), and the outer ring is designed with a contrasting color of red and blue in half to enhance the visual effect. fake watches,At that time, GMT was also designed for aviation pilots due to jet lag. In addition to the normal local time, fake rolex,the 24-hour hand can accurately display the difference between day and night. It can also cooperate with the rotating outer ring to quickly calculate the second time zone.

In addition to the multi-colored outer ring, the GMT’s strap has both a commemorative strap and an oyster strap at the beginning, so the new five-bead strap is just a return to tradition. Maybe it will be replaced by an oyster strap. So don’t be surprised and urged to buy a new one. To say that the history of GMT is really difficult to interpret clearly,replica rolex, but first of all have a certain understanding of its model, the poison division made a simple form, which gave a brief introduction to each representative

It can be seen that the GMT-MASTER mid-section styles overlap. It can be said that there are two main lines: GMT-MASTER & GMT-MASTER Ⅱ. Why is there a difference between the two generations? The core lies orologi replica in the difference between the movements leading to obvious differences in use: The GMT-MASTER movement has traditionally been designed in two places. Third gear or minute hand)

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