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Replica Patek Philippe watches celebrated its 178th anniversary in 2017, starting in 1839. The history of his long history and watchmaking is tremendous. The grand stories they have made over time have been summarized in chronological order.


Antoine Norbert de Patek meets with Frenchman Fran├žois Czapek to set up a company in Geneva. Fake Patek Philippe’s predecessor, Patek, Czapek & Cie! In the same year, we launched No. 63, No. 64 and No. 65 pocket replica watches, which is the beginning of replica Patek Philippe’s watchmaking.


Patek won a bronze medal at the Paris Industry Fair in 1844 with a keyless winding system. There he meets another historical figure, Jean-Adrien Philippe.


In 1845, Patek and Philip signed a contract, and in 1851 they finally changed their name to Patek, Philippe & Cie. The opening of a new history!


The bright Calatrava Cross logo, which is a symbol of fake Patek Philippe watches, is registered with the company name as a registered trademark of Switzerland (No.1881).


A women’s complication replica watch with a five minitripter is here. It is also the first replica Patek Philippe watches wristwatch with a strike mechanism. They’re at the forefront of high complications with the first split second fake watches (1923), the first mini-tripter replica watches (1924), and the first perpetual calendar fake watches (1925).


The birth of Calatrava, a collection of historical dress replica watches! In the same year, Jean and Charles Henri Stern, the owner of the dial manufacturer, started investing in fake Patek Philippe watches.


Super Complication replica Watch for US fake Watches Collector Henry Graves. With 24 complications, the replica watches was the world’s most complex fake watches until replica Patek Philippe introduced the Caliber 89 in 1989. In 2014, Sotheby’s auction price of 23.23 million Swiss francs (about 27 billion won)!


Development and patent of a time zone mechanism that can adjust the time of two places without turning the minute hand.


Golden Ellipse launch, redesigned based on golden ratio (combining rectangle and round).


The birth of Nautilus is a gem of a dial and case resembling a pear’s round window! The replica watches opens a new chapter in high-end sports fake watches with a steel case and 120-meter water resistance.


Replica Patek Philippe’s 150th anniversary. The commemorative Pocket Watch Caliber 89 features 33 complication functions (1728 parts assembly), making it the most complex replica watches of its time. It took nine years of research and development orologi replica.


Launched a collection of avant-garde case designs based on Art Deco.


Fake Patek Philippe’s new headquarters building in Geneva Flanders. This allows the entire manufacturing process to be managed until the fake Patek Philippe watches is completed under one roof.


Launched Aquanut Collection. A casual mood high-end sports replica watches begins to target young fake watches lovers.


For women, a rectangular case launches the urban Twenty-4® bracelet replica watches.


Celebrating the new millennium, the pocket fake watches caliber 2000 is one of 21 complications, 1118 parts and 6 patented replica Patek Philippe’s monumental models.


Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. The birth of 5002. There are a lot of features that require advanced skills such as minitripter, tourbillon and sky chart.


Sterna’s fourth-generation Thierry Stern is head of fake Patek Philippe. At the same time,replica Patek Philippe enacted fake Patek Philippe’s internal strict certification system.


Celebrating its 175th anniversary, Grandmaster Chime Ref. Release 5175. It is a masterpiece with 20 complications.


The 20th anniversary of the birth of the elegant sports replica watches Aquanut! In the same year, the Caliber 240 became its 40th birthday. Equipped with a 22K gold micro rotor, only 2.53mm thick, this automatic movement has been the heart of the replica Patek Philippe watches collection for 40 years since its birth.

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