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Monumental replica Watches

One of the most important designers in watch history is probably Gerald Genta. He created the most important watch that laid the cornerstone of a luxury sports replica watches and gave birth to a number of subspecies in the ‘genta style’. Not only did he design other brand  fake watches, he also owned his own brand, which Bulgari took over in the last years, bringing his design to the Octo collection. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the watch brand Gerald Genta. Bulgari has released a blue watch under the name Gerald Genta, with the Bulgari logo removed in honor of his work. In fact, no matter how important Gerald Genta is, it’s not easy to put the Bulgari logo at all. All the capital and manpower that make the clock comes from Bulgari. Bulgari, however, appears to have taken this approach to show deep respect for the legendary watchmaker. The watch displays minutes and days in a retrograde fashion, a Gerald Genta patent. The time can be checked on the digital indicator, which opens like a date window at 12 o’clock on the dial. The movement is equipped with Bulgari’s in-house automatic caliber BVL 300, with a 41mm case made of platinum. Zenith’s El Primero also celebrated his 50th birthday. El Primero, a high-beat movement that is a symbol of the brand, has played a pivotal role in Zenith since its brilliant debut in 1969 as the world’s first self-winding chronograph caliber. To commemorate this, the El Primero 50th Anniversary Set, released in a 50-piece limited edition, features the El Primero A386 Revival, a reproduction of the original model, and the Chronomaster 2 El Primero, with a black ceramic bezel. It is composed of ‘Defi El Primero 21’ applying the latest mechanism to symbolize Zenith’s future.

Founded in 1832, Longines has been able to identify the 50 millionth watch produced this year, thanks to a unique number on every watch. Of course, by the time the 50 millionth watch was getting close, I would have been wondering how to make it. After all, even with the Rose Gold case and the annual calendar specifications, ‘Master Annual Calendar’, which was released at an amazing price of less than 3 million won, became the main character. Naturally, it is not for sale, but will be exhibited in a museum in Switzerland. Replica Omega announced two Speedmaster Moonwatch Limited Editions in 1969 to mark the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the first man to land on the moon. The Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine ™, made of 18K Moonshine Gold, is a faithful replica of the clock presented to 19 astronauts at the 1969 event celebrating Apollo 11’s successful operations. The watch also features 1014 points because it has produced 1014 original models. The Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition in stainless steel with moonshine gold on the bezel, index, hand and logo is a new design based on the fourth generation Speedmaster worn by Apollo 11 astronauts. . The small second dial at 9 o’clock on the dial realistically depicts Buzz Aldrin’s exit from the spacecraft. The backcase perfectly depicts the first footprint on the moon. Enclosed with cork velcro straps, only 6969 are available.

The “ J12 ” masterpiece, a ceramic watch that brought Chanel back to watchmakers, was reinvented for the 20th anniversary. It is noteworthy that it is equipped with in-house self-winding caliber 12.1. Thanks to this, the back case was replaced with a transparent sapphire crystal glass, and the rotor design was as unique as the J12 appearance. The movement is chronometer certified and boasts a 70-hour long power reserve.

The Lange 1 Collection, the symbol of the Lange Ungne, marks the 25th anniversary of its birth. ‘Rangée 1′ is a watch symbolized by an off-center regulator dial and two large digital big date indicators. Available in a 38.5mm white gold case, the commemorative edition features a blue index, hand and strap. The backcase is hinged to open and engraved with the manufactory on the cover. In the movement, you can find something new that you couldn’t see before, and the big date window with ’25’ on the balance cock was carved in blue. The watch is available in a 250-piece limited edition. Celebrity also celebrated the 10th anniversary of “Zeithberg,” a large digital indicator that shows hours and minutes. The model, which is called the “strongest luxury watch for presbyopia,” retained almost the original design, but features a date indicator on the dial rim. The disc with the quick change system rotates to indicate the date and can be adjusted via a pusher located on the side of the case. Zaitberg is a clock that shows how wonderfully the Lange Unhettene controls the torque. In addition, because the model required a considerable amount of power, the previous model had a short power reserve of 36 hours, but the 72-hour long power reserve gives us a good idea of ​​how much of the manu- ture has evolved.

The More Complicated, The Better!

Recently, high-end watchmakers tend to focus on implementing their own mechanisms, rather than succeeding the creation of existing high-complication replica watches uk. One of the leading manufacturers is Vacheron Constantin. Celebrating its 260th anniversary in 2015, Vacheron Constantin is equipped with 57 functions, ‘Ref. 57260 ‘. Full of high-complications, the watch still holds the title of “The World’s Most Complex Clock.” However, since it is a unique piece made in a custom-made way, it cannot be purchased except for an orderer. “ Traditional Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar, ” announced by Vacheron Constantin in 2019, is a regular model that anyone can buy if they have a wallet. The watch has once again proved to be the leader in high-complications with a completely new mechanism for converting the frequency of mechanical movements. The watch keeps 65 days of power reserve on full-winding by simply placing the frequency indicator arrow at 1.2 Hz on the dial at 9 o’clock (the watch doesn’t stop after two months of wear). It has a hand-winding caliber 3610 QP, but is much more convenient than a self-winding watch, and its case is just 12.3mm thin.

Jaeger Lecoultre is an unrivaled maker in the field of movement manufacturing. High complication is a brand that has announced the largest number of in-house movements. This year’s ‘Master Grand Tradition Gyro Tourbillon Westminster Perpetual’, as the name suggests, is the Jaeger Lecoultre’s own multi-axis Tourbillon mechanism, the Gyro Tourbillon, and the highest level of strike. It’s a grand complication watch with a calendar. It uses sudden power-consuming features like gyrotour cost and minitripter, but maintains torque with constant force mechanism. The hand-wound caliber 184 has a total of 1050 parts, with a total of 18 points. High-end independent watch brand Groubel Forsy released this year’s Art Peace Edition Historic at the Art Peace Collection. Typography engraved on the dial and the side of the case is reminiscent of avant-garde artwork. The double tourbillon 30 °, located at 8 o’clock on the dial, is the only mechanism in Groubell’s Posey watch. The planet’s floating balance wheel and escapement rotate once every minute, while Saturn’s ring-like Tourbillon cage spins every four minutes. Montblanc’s Villere Manufacture focuses on manufacturing high-end high complication replica watches. The high complication watch produced by Ville Le Manufactory this year is “ Star Legacy Metamorphosis Limited Edition 8. ” Montblanc released a clock in 2010 and 2014 with a unique mechanism called metamorphosis. Covering some of the sub-dial indicators with a cover and pulling the slide lever on the side of the case, the cover cracked, revealing a new indicator hidden underneath. This new design maximizes the characteristics of the exotour cost mechanism located at 12 o’clock on the dial. When the cover is closed, only the balance wheel seems to rotate without the balance spring visible. But pulling the slide lever reveals the balance spring hidden under the balance wheel and its associated escapement.


Bronze Rocks

Recently, the bronze case has been used by various brands such as gold, steel, titanium, and ceramics. IWC applied the bronze case to four models only in the Spitfire line of the Pilot’s Watch collection. It is noteworthy that the same applies to the high complication flagship model called the Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar. Bronze, which is resistant to corrosion and discolors well, is not the material used in the most advanced models, but this stereotype is broken. Montblanc also has a bronze case on all three models of the 1858 collection. The base model, the 1858 Automatic Limited Edition, combines an olive green dial with a NATO strap to create an image of a tough military watch. This is the model of Minerva’s military field watch hublot replica.

Oris is a brand that has continued to showcase various models since the beginning of the bronze trend. This year, we introduced a variety of models, but the peculiar thing is that the two-tone model that uses stainless steel and bronze together is the main product of this year. The Divers Sixty-Five bracelet version uses bronze only in the middle row of the bezel and three-row bracelet, which looks luxurious and elegant as if it were gold. As I said, the bronze case is resistant to corrosion and withstands salty seawater. So where the bronze case fits functionally is the diver’s watch. Tudor’s Black Bay Bronze is a beautifully finished case with a subtle slate color dial. The straps look great when the party is going on. Tag Heuer relaunched Ottavia in 1966 in 2017 and was enthusiastically supported by watch lovers. Since then, Ottavia has been organized into a regular lineup rather than a special lineup, and symbolizes Tag Heuer’s heritage as a racing watch expert. The new Otavia isograph, released this year, is available in five 42mm diameter steel cases and two bronze cases. The bronze case version is divided into brown and green dials. The caliber 5 is equipped with an isograph balance spring developed by the TAG Heuer manufacturer. Zenith’s Pilot Type 20 collection case is mostly made of aged steel and bronze. New products this year include the Pilot Type 20 Adventure and Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure, which match the bronze case with an olive green dial and camouflage strap. The Time Only model features a self-winding elite 679 movement, while the chronograph model features a self-winding El Primero 4069, which is rarely a pilot model.

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