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Colorful collection reveals the talent of innovation

Weeblo went to Basel with a variety of products in 2018, so I wonder if there would be a year that proved the brand philosophy “Art of Fusion” so beautifully and brilliantly. It’s not just a lot. Each product is packed with unique originality and unattractive charm. The use of color ceramics, such as red and blue, which are not easy to process, the bold transformation of the eclectic classic fusion collection, the ongoing collaboration with Beluti, and the field of golf replica hublot watches, which celebrate the field, and the big bang collection’s smart fake watches to commemorate the Russia World Cup. Until! He has worked hard on all aspects of watchmaking, including design, materials, and technology. It is no exaggeration to say that the Swiss watchmakers, combined with the art of fusion, are presenting a direction for the clock industry in this rapidly changing era. The good news is that all the models we introduce will be displayed in domestic boutiques.

Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

Smart features ported to a bold big bang case with a diameter of 49mm! Weblog’s first smartwatch was born in commemoration of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Surprisingly, FIFA’s official referee was specifically commissioned not to miss the flow of the game every moment. The fake hublot watches is optimized for the World Cup, so you can see various statistics about the game, including alarms, yellow and red cards, player substitutions and scores 15 minutes before each game. Due to the nature of the smartwatch, it offers several dial displays, especially the fan dial with the flag of the 32 countries that entered the final round. The patented one-click system makes it easy to replace the straps, and the color-coded straps for the football fans around the world raise the desire to collect. Limited edition of 2018, available in Korea. It is a model that can confirm Wiblo’s passion as an official timekeeper of the third consecutive World Cup.

Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski

The Classic Fusion collection, as we know it, was characterized by a neat design that was responsible for Weblog’s dress replica watches. However, this product is also attractive as an art piece with a radical change. By adding design elements such as ‘angle’ and ‘reflection’, the case is finished with dozens of cross-sections like diamonds. The designer of this stunning case is French contemporary artist Richard Orlanski who is a sculptor who can use a variety of materials such as resin, aluminum and bronze. Case diameter is 45mm. Available in a variety of materials, including titanium, blue ceramic, king gold and all black.

Big Bang Unico Meca-10 Ceramic Blue

A blue ceramic version of the Mecca-10 fake watches featuring a skeleton-shaped Unico movement inspired by a “ Mechano ” toy that completes the structure by dismantling and assembling a 10-day power reserve. Lighter than steel, yet hard and rugged blue ceramic is used for the 45mm diameter case, bezel and strap folding buckle. In particular, for this blue version, Webloh also finished the skeleton movement in blue to give a sense of unity. A version using King Gold as a case material was also released.

Big Bang Unico Golf

Usually, mechanical replica watches are hard to wear on the field except for a few. This is because it is heavy and weak in shock, which may cause malfunction. But Big Bang Unico Golf, unveiled this year, breaks this concern. The fake watches weighs only 98 grams, using a texarium that combines glass and aluminum on a solid carbon fiber as the case material. The appeal of this replica hublot watches for golfers doesn’t stop there. This is because he has the ability to count the total number of strokes and the number of strokes in each hole while playing 18 holes. Like the chronograph fake hublot watches, the crown is centered and push pieces are placed above and below, with the top button at the base of the strokes and the bottom button at the zero reset button (the 8 o’clock button resets all counting after the game is over). ). What is the number at 6 o’clock on the dial? The total number of hits the wearer hits during the match! The collaboration with the world’s No. 1 golfer and brand Ambassador Dustin Johnson makes the question of  replica rolex whether he can be a helper on the field.

Big Bang Unico Red Magic

Unico is, of course, the in-house manufactory movement that represents Weeblo. The new Big Bang model, which makes this stand out more uniquely, has been born, which is Big Bang Unico Red Magic using red ceramic as a case material. Born through four years of research and development, the red ceramic is stronger than conventional ceramic materials and is patented for its intense color obtained by transforming the ceramic with pressure and heat, rather than burning pigments. As if responding to a red case, the replica watches is red with its own elements, including the index and hands on the skeleton dial, and the rubber strap. A rare model producing only 500 pieces.


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