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Replica Cartier, a French replica watches and jewellery manufacturer, is also known as the world famous brand of replica cartier watches and jewellery. Cartier’s timepieces are as world-renowned as her jewels, and there are currently 14 series.

1.The BALLON BLEU DE REPLICA CARTIER :blue balloon series is a blue balloon that commemorates the successful launch of the Montegofel Blue Balloon in 1783. This is the first human aircraft. The series features remarkable features like a balloon case and a grooved crown. It is a classic in the replica Cartier watches classic.

2.The RONDE DE REPLICA CARTIER: London series, one of the most notable features of this collection is the large Roman numerals on the outer ring of the dial, and the inner ring of the dial with the Alabama number.

3.SANTOS DE REPLICA CARTIER: Santos series, 1904, Louis? Replica Cartier for him and his Brazilian flight friend Albert? Santos Dumont, made a replica watches to verify friendship. The difference between the blue balloon series is the case and the strap. The case is square and the replica watches is decorated with exposed screws.

4.TANK DE REPLICA CARTIER: tank series, when the series was launched, it was the first World War, the soul of the Cartier family Louis? Replica Cartier was inspired by the military tanks that first entered the battlefield, designed this legendary work. The most straightforward way to identify a tank series is to look at it: a rectangular case and a strong strap.

5.The CLE DE REPLICA CARTIER: key series is named after the key-like crown. The key is precision, balance and perfect proportions. It is an elegant and simple replica watches model of replica Cartier.

6.The CALIBRE DE REPLICA CARTIER series is an absolutely worthy dive replica watches from replica Cartier . It is water resistant to 300 meters and is powerful and precise. The dial has only 2 colors, black and blue.

7.The BALLON BLANC DE REPLICA CARTIER collection is Cartier’s precious jewellery women’s replica watches, with the unique design elements to create the secrets of replica Cartier watches and jewellery. Looking at the appearance, you know that the recognition is very high.

8.DRIVER DE FAKE CARTIER, new in August 2016, an important feature of the series is the second time zone retrograde pointer indicator.

9.FAKE Cartier HYPNOSE series, the new jewellery fake watches, black is black lacquer, white is diamond, is fake Cartier’s soft and delicate iconic style.

10.Cartier’s ROTONDE DE FAKE CARTIER series, the fake watches case is like a precious jewel case, carrying the cutting-edge movement of fake Cartier’s fine watchmaking field.

11.The BAIGNOIRE bathtub series, with its unique oval case, resembles a bathtub and is therefore called the BAIGNOIRE fake watches. Implied elegance represents the essence of fake Cartier style: minimalist design and fashion style.

12.The TORTUE wine barrel series, Louis fake Cartier designed a brand new fake watches in 1912. At that time, most of the fake watches were round, and the series won the attention with a very avant-garde tortoiseshell.

13.The official concept table of the CRASH series, in 1967, was the golden age of the “swinging London” trend. The Crash fake watches born at this time, carrying the free age of the instigation is active in eclectic, passion and emotional overflow.

14.The PANTHERE Cheetah series, born in the 1980s, is still full of modern temperament replica watches.

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