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On the 20th anniversary of the Millenary launch last year, Replica Audemars Piguet presented a variety of women’s models, including a mini-tripper concept replica watches and a high jewelery timepiece. This year, it appeared with a lineup that is as colorful as last year. From royal oaks with minitripters, double balance wheels and perpetual calendars, to off-shore diver chronographs with bold colors, more courageous high jewel piece diamond furries and lady millenary jewelery variations . The choices were made by changing materials, functions, sizes and designs.

Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie

Since 2006, in collaboration with the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology, Fake Audemars Piguet has been dedicated to developing diffraction technologies, including a sound study program in the manu- facturing, and a separate sound measurement facility to study amplification methods. Following the introduction of the Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 last year, the company also launched a new minitripter replica Piguet watches this year, with a clearer and more consistent tone. This is because the ball is mounted on the bottom of the movement, which acts as a soundboard, breaking away from the structure of the traditional minitripter that fixed the ball to the main plate. Therefore, the vibrations are transmitted directly without going through the main plate, making the sound more rich.

Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked

The brand’s iconic Royal Oak collection features a skeleton movement, revealing the beauty of the movement through the dial. More importantly, it is the first to adopt the dual balance structure, which has two balance wheels mounted on one axis in parallel! This design approach cancels the influence of gravity on the movement replica rolex, thus making the time more accurate.

Considering stability, durability and accuracy, making a thin fake watches is no easy task. That’s why ultra-new products are often recognized as high complications (even if they’re only time!), And high-end celebrities show thin fake Piguet watches. Replica Audemars Piguet watches introduced the world’s self-winding perpetual calendar movement this year, with a thickness of 2.89 mm and a 6.3 mm case. . It is not easy to realize the thin thickness because it informs various information such as month, day, date, moon phase, etc., but they succeeded in changing the structure of the movement based on the long-time know-how of high-end watchmaking. This is a work of the year that took five years to develop.

Lady Millinery Starlet Sky combines the intensity of the dazzling sun and the softness of the hazy night. The miliary collection, featuring a bold oval shape inspired by the Roman Colosseum, features two day and night versions that express the poetic beauty of day and night. The day version features 18K pink gold bezels and rugs with brilliant cut diamonds and a white satin strap. Power reserve display window with mother of pearl dial, edelweiss motif, and date window at 6 o’clock with intense sun motif. The blue version of the Milky Way’s glorious night is set with diamonds in an 18K white gold case, and irregularly set with diamonds on the dial to give the stars a sparkling look. The power reserve display and date window use star motifs and match navy colored satin straps to create a starry dreamy look.

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