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Most people will agree: a mechanical replica watches have more charm than a relatively “simple” quartz movement. However, a mechanical fake watch requires a little more attention. At some point, a service – also called an overhaul – will be required. The timepiece is then supplied with new oil and worn parts are replaced. And of course there are costs involved.

Maintenance interval
Watchmakers recommend having a service performed every 3 to 5 years. Experience has shown that the revision is sometimes delayed for more than 5 years. This does not necessarily have to be a problem, but it can lead to damage. The danger lies in the fact that the oil with which the timepiece is lubricated loses its function over time. The timepiece will eventually run “dry” and will experience extra wear. Always try to prevent this.

Do you not know exactly when your timepiece was last serviced? Loss of time is an important indicator for investigating whether it is time for a service. Find out which deviation is acceptable for your watch. On the face of it, you probably won’t notice a difference immediately. And not everyone has a professional adjustment machine at home. Fortunately there is a handy (free) tool for watch lovers:Ā  rolex replica.

Fake Rolex
Finally something about fake Rolex. This brand has recently adjusted its advice on service. For all replica watches produced after July 2015, it is advised to have the fake watch serviced every 10 years. Previously, the advice was once every 3 years. A remarkable step with which replica Rolex expresses great confidence in its own replica watches. Other brands may follow soon. So positive news for the watch lover.

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